Wild Isles


Thanks for coming to our screening of Save our Wild Isles Business Films. It was great to have you along. Please help us evaluate our event by filling in a short survey here. Thank you in anticipation. 


Below you’ll find resources direct from the Save our Wild Isles team, for individuals, for businesses as well as Cumbrian specific resources and networks to help you along on your journey.    

Here at West Cumbria Rivers Trust we see our role not only as advocates for nature, but crucially in connecting people and places and increasing understanding to make a positive difference to the health of both people and nature in our community.  

We have many opportunities for companies and individuals to support our work. Get in touch and let’s start a conversation! 

Resources from Save These Wild Isles Business Films:

Stats & facts from the film - see the statistics quoted in the film 


Guidance on what else you can do as a business/individual


Further reading


A glossary of terms used in the business films


Cumbrian resources, networks and training opportunities 

Join CAFS Sustainability Network Workplace – a forum to exchange info on events, training, funding and reach out and build contacts. Email Helen: helen.attewell@cafs.org.uk 

Businesses can join Zero Carbon Cumbria. Email Tim Gale: tim.gale@cumbria.gov.uk

Get inspired on the actions that you and your organisation can take to lower your carbon by visiting Zero Carbon Cumbria 

Carbon Literacy training can be delivered by CAFS. Two 8 hour sessions and two pledges for a certificate and e-signature. Contact Helen (above)