What is the Catchment Partnership?

The West Cumbria Catchment Partnerships promotes collaborative working to move towards our vision of healthy, resilient water environments that benefit people and wildlife and are valued by all.

Managing the diverse demands on our water environments can be difficult and requires organisations, businesses and communities to work together. The West Cumbria Catchment Partnership brings together local people and organisations to improve our water environment and reduce flood risk.

The West Cumbria Catchment Partnership now has its own website where you can find:

  • Interactive maps that summarise the characteristics, current condition and key issues affecting our rivers, lakes and landscapes,
  • Projects happening near you
  • Catchment Action Plans which identify what work is needed to address the issues.


The Partnership, led by West Cumbria Rivers Trust, includes local and county councils, the Environment Agency, conservation charities, farming organisations and community groups who:

  • Work collaboratively to prioritise, plan and deliver actions
  • Share information and expertise
  • Ensure coordination of project delivery and funding sources
  • Take strategic decisions jointly


The Catchment Based Approach (CaBA) was introduced nationally by Government as a framework to encourage organisations and communities to work together to help identify, understand and tackle the pressures that are impacting on our water environment. The West Cumbria Catchment Partnership was set up in 2015 to bring together a wide range of people with an interest in improving the management of the river catchments in West Cumbria.

Having an integrated approach to flood risk and environmental outcomes across a whole catchment from source to sea, gets better outcomes for every pound spent, for people and the environment. By working together in a coordinated way, sharing information and expertise and ensuring joint decision making we will be in a better position to make positive changes.