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We believe that inspiring children to appreciate and experience our fantastic rivers will help to protect and conserve these important habitats for future generations. 

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“…the children thoroughly enjoyed it and I was amazed at how much they ‘soaked up’ in such a short amount of time!”  Gosforth Primary teacher after a two day rivers programme

“The kids were all buzzing- and as a class who often find it difficult to work together, what a super day to build positive working attitudes on…”  Frizington Primary teacher after a tree planting day

“I learned that the river is a lot more than just water, it is amazing and all the things that live there has there own meaning”  pupil from St. Michael’s, Bothel

“I liked it best when we waded in the river”  pupil from Gosforth Primary

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If you are interested in any of our education work, please contact our Assistant Education and Engagement Officer Emma Jenkinson at  

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