The Pearls in Peril Project has worked with 19 landowners to deliver a wide range of projects across the River Ehen Catchment including:

  • 8880 native trees planted
  • 6km of riparian stock fencing with generous buffer strips (including 3 wetland areas fenced off to be left to naturally regenerate along with some planting)
  • Alternative watering
  • 8 green engineering projects (approx. 650m of riverbank protected in total) on both the main river and a tributary using techniques such as log and Christmas tree, bank re-profiling, brash bundles
  • 300m of willow spiling across 7 sites
  • 4 problem tree blockages removed from main river
  • Hedgelaying
  • Coppicing
  • Gateways and heavily poached stock crossings have been graveled

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