The Crookhurst Beck catchment is a small lowland catchment which flows into Allonby Bathing Water and the Solway Firth to the north of Allonby village.

The issue

Historically, streams in the catchment and the bathing water have struggled with water quality issues and currently the catchment fails to achieve ‘good’ ecological status (Water Framework Directive, 2019).

What we’re doing

Agricultural runoff can cause water pollution, so farmers and land managers have a crucial role to play in improving water quality in rural catchments. Since 2013, we’ve been working with farmers and landowners in the Crookhurst catchment through various complementary projects.

We use an advice led approach, supporting farmers and landowners and working alongside partner organisations and volunteers. We: 

Our objectives are to:

  • improve water quality and in particular reduce phosphate entering the catchment’s watercourses
  • enhance freshwater habitats and fish spawning grounds
  • help farmers and landowners work together to connect fragmented habitats and create new ones across multiple landholdings
  • manage invasive species


Improving the storage of manure

Facilitated farmer group meetings

Fencing to prevent livestock accessing the watercourse, and soil sampling 

Funders and partners